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The project “Visit Onifai” was born from the desire of the Municipality of Onifai to promote the beauties of our territory. Thanks to the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, which funded the design, we conceived and created “Visit Onifai”.

Onifai is a small agro-pastoral village in the Baronia, in eastern-central Sardinia, and is famous for its food and wine products, such as cheeses, honey and cannonau and vernaccia wines.

The production of oil from centuries-old olive groves, bread, pasta and sweets are also characteristic.

Onifai also stands out for nature, traditions and archaeology.

On the website you can find information on special itineraries, such as the archaeological, river, geological and food and wine ones.

Use the website to discover how to live Onifai, a poem of a country.

The Mayor, Luca Monne



Onifai helps you to “unplug” from the hustle and bustle of life.

A harmonious, tidy and clean village, nestled in a natural amphitheater, makes visiting our small village an experience of simplicity and authenticity.

Our story is genuine, our houses, our churches, and our colors, make Onifai a desirable destination full of natural wonders. We are away from the hectic and noisy crowds of summer but we are close to the sea, the Gulf of Orosei, which we can reach in a few minutes.

Our climate is a soothing touch for relaxation and rest thanks to an innate natural harmony.


There are many scenic and undiscovered sights in Onifai.

Many small details that, together, create beautiful landscapes to capture and share.

Our materials, ancient and valuable, make Onifai a precious natural gem.

We put your serenity, peace and wonder of a territory to be explored by bike, on foot, at sunset or at dawn at the heart of everything.

Onifai welcomes you with simplicity as per tradition, hospitality is for us an indispensable value.

Visit Onifai, a poem of a village.



The project “Visit Onifai” is the first step towards creating a physical and digital tourist information system that is centralized and comprehensive for the Municipality of Onifai. Thanks to the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro, the project “Visit Onifai” becomes a reality.

This is, in essence, a tourist communication project that through creating an identity project that is then applied to posters, vertical infographics for outdoors, identity image (logo and payoff), online communication (website and social profiles), aims to support and position Onifai within an attractive and promotional international system.

All the materials have been designed to be published in both languages (ITA and ENG) and equipped with unique QR codes that link to specific web pages with more details where tourists can find useful information, photos from different angles, descriptions, geolocations. For each monument (or site of interest in Onifai), tourists can learn more about what they are visiting and contribute to its spread and viral promotion by sharing it on social media.

The project is characterized by creating the first official tourist website for Onifai that works together with vertical outdoor signs, especially near churches and points of interest. The overall project, called “Visit Onifai”, was built starting from designing the logo “Visit Onifai” that will accompany all future cultural-tourist initiatives by our community in lower Baronia. The logo captures (and uses as its official hashtag #visitonifai) the color scheme derived from the building materials of Onifai, the textures, the colors of the roofs and volcanic stones, the raw earth that distinguishes the hues of the town and churches.

The logo is accompanied by the slogan “a poem of a village” which is the philosophical essence of the project. With these actions, we wanted to highlight the uniqueness of Onifai, which is its natural harmony made of simple things, well done and human-sized, with a regard for being gentle and discreetly inclusive and hospitable.

To make the project more circular, the web tourist portal “” has been designed to be open and scalable for future additions, multilingual, responsive and highly dynamic. With it, we want to promote Onifai and its surrounding area, but most importantly, we want to prepare the ground for building an integrated tourist platform that values local aesthetics, connects the business and entrepreneurial aspects of Onifai.

With the project “VisitOnifai”, we want to create a vision and outline guidelines for new and possible actions to enhance tourism. The website, always accessible from the domain “”, is a collection of things to see, experiences, historical routes, archaeological sites, tourist attractions and food and wine options, but also full of surprising details that allow us to index as much as possible all the features of Onifai and make them public.

The project is based on the idea of creating a different kind of tourist reception that is not only seasonal. The calmness, serenity of small and tidy Onifai, the characteristic aesthetic details combined with the natural geography of the context, allow us to create new arguments related to a “new creative tourism philosophy” that can be developed over time.

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