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Welcome. You are in the island of Sardinia, if you arrive in Onifai.

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Welcome to the official tourist site of the Municipality of Onifai.

We are made of history, nature, serenity and so much poetry that we transmit in our simplicity. Onifai is the village of the Baronies of Sardinia where you can find yourself, your rhythm and enjoy a healthy environment waiting to be discovered. We are just a few kilometers from everything but far from the confusion and buzz. Genuineness, from food to hospitality, is our rudder and those who stay in Onifai can discover a village poem.

Onifai experience

Onifai is a different experience from the usual tourist destination. Our history is deeply linked to the agricultural-pastoral tradition and our geographical position, on the slopes of a basaltic plateau called "Su Gollèi" on the left bank of the Cedrino, will involve you in the discovery of our territory. Our microclimate allows us to excel in the production of food and wine products, such as the famous "Vernaccia di Onifai" and the exquisite sheep and goat cheeses.

There are numerous testimonies of the Nuragic and pre-Nuragic period in the Onifai area, where on foot or by mountain bike, without great effort and with considerable satisfaction, you can touch the most important stages of our history and nature (still to be written and tell) that merge into an inseparable and poetic partnership. Welcome to Onifai, welcome to



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I spent a wonderful week in Onifai with my family.
We stayed in a cozy farmhouse where we ate local dishes and met many local people, all very kind. Onifai was a welcome surprise for me and mine. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a relaxing holiday, but also full of culture and nature. It is a place that fascinates you.


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