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Il territorio del Comune di Onifai, per la sua conformazione, si presta ad essere esplorato sotto diversi aspetti e propone alcuni interessanti percorsi.

Archaeological itinerary

  • Location: Municipal territory of Onifai

  • Regional technical board CTR 1: 10,000

  • IGM map sheet

  • Altitude: 0-12 m asl

  • Accessibility: Good

  • Property: municipal and/or private

  • Travel time: about 5 hours (depending on the interest aroused by the itinerary

  • Recommendations: any water supply. A local guide is essential for visiting the archaeological sites

  • Practicable sports: cycling, hiking, horse riding

  • Eventual calendar of excursions: all the year

  • Equipment: tools for field observation (binoculars, field guides, camera)

  • CAI scale:T

Mete archeologiche

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