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Onifai celebrates Bernardo Zizi

On June 9, 2023, the mayor Luca Monne inaugurated “Istorias in poesia” (Stories in poetry).

«He is a living legend who keeps in his mind the history of the poetic contest».


On June 10, the day dedicated to the great extemporaneous poet took place.

Onifai religious itineraries

The six churches of Onifai constitute a religious journey through history and culture.

San Sebastiano, Santa Rughe, San Giorgio, Sant’Antonio da Padova, Vergine di Loreto and the rural church of Santu Juanne Istranzu are the stages of our story.

Food and wine culture

A territory with a strong enogastronomic vocation and a unique microclimate, allow the municipality of Onifai to excel in agri-food productions.

The cheeses, wines, and crops are the fruits of a hard-working community that works in synergy to design an entrepreneurial future.

Identity and Tradition

Every year on April 23, Onifai comes together for the feast of San Giorgio (Santu Jorgi), the most heartfelt rite by the community.

The village of Onifai expresses all its spirituality and tradition through the celebration of San Giorgio.

The secret of longevity

Our elders, the centenarians of Onifai, are our best witnesses.

The concept of “blue zone” is also evident in Onifai.

Onifai, its naturalness, the rhythms of a serene life are the ideal setting for longevity.

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